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Pioneering digital platform for a better mobile experience

Geztio developed and delivered the official app for the World Championships in Biathlon 2019 with the aim of giving the participants, visitors and event partners, a digital experience both on site and at home on the TV couches.

With Geztio’s digital platform, offers, information and inspiration were gathered directly on the mobile based on location, time and AI-driven analysis.


Geztio was commissioned to develop the World Championship in Biathlon 2019’s digital solutions together with an event app. The main purpose of the solutions was to inform visitors at the World Championships, inform about programs and any changes in programs and / or start times, present results, social media flows and be a tool for visitors to make their experience of the World Championship in Biathlon better, easier and more accessible .

The app was downloaded almost 10,000 times and it was ranked # 2 in the Sports category on App Store, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0.

The features in the app included competition programs, integration with social media, destination data, athletes profiles, live results and TV broadcasts, as well as a quiz for the most dedicated biathlon fans. Geztio was also commissioned to arrange tickets for the events through the app in order to simplify ticket handling for the visitor with the solution that the ticket ended up and was handled in the app.

Geztio’s research-based, digital app platform solution, CMS backend solution and digital strategy were used in the work for the World Championship in Biathlon 2019.

iOS & Android app - World Championships in biathlon

  • All results, social media, news and info in one app for ALL target groups before, during and after the WCS.
  • Quick communication with the target groups through notices in the app.
  • Tickets and parking could be booked and purchased in the app.
  • Accommodation, transport and activities were communicated in the app.
  • Ads and sponsors were exposed through the app.
  • The app collected data and was analyzed in Geztio BI for the WCS and for the host city.
    Administration of the app and web was handled via Geztio’s CMS solution.
  • Youtube playlists could be viewed through the app.
    SVT’s and NRK’s TV-broadcasts were integrated into the app.
  • Social media and social media wall could be seen in the app.
  • Second screen experience of the event, 24/7.
  • Purchases of food and drinks at the arena’s various points of sales could be booked and purchased directly in the app.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, etc. flows were displayed in the app. Made it easy for the app users to follow social media through one platform.


Youtube playlists were displayed in both the app and the web.


Linked to any websites and displayed the content in the app.
Viewed partners’ content were displayed in the app. Linked to partners’ web shops or information pages and gave the target groups a better and easier experience.

Notification system

Geztio’s notification system was implemented in the app and via its admin panel, notices were created in advance to create added value for the visitor and partners. 

Geographically controlled notices enabled different messages to different areas and target groups and gave the visitor the right info in the right place and at the right time. The offline functionality made notifications work when the app was not connected. The system can be used to push survey questions via the notices.


An advertising system for sponsors and advertisers was integrated in the app. Geographically controlled ads enabled advertising depending on the location of the target groups and provided increased opportunities for advertising and digital sponsor exposures. The ads were sent to Geztio who placed the ads according to instructions. Placement and share of voice parameters for the ads were managed by Geztio through the company’s advertising system.

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Ticket sales

The QR coded ticket was delivered via email with login to the customer’s “my pages” and was send as an SMS with a link to the ticket. For example, entrance tickets, sponsor tickets, parking tickets, and more functions were handled through Geztio’s app system.

Point of Sales (POS):
Tickets sold at the entrances via the mobile POS-system were printed as QR codes on the mobile’s receipt printer. The tickets were scanned via a robust Android phone with a laser scanner and by the system’s scanning app. The sales statistics were displayed in Geztio’s BI system except for POS-sales which were displayed through the ticket system.

Geztio BI - Business Intelligence

Geztio BI collected data from the apps, the web, the online ticket shops and from the integrated iTicket system. With this solution, Geztio’s research-based BI system made it possible for the World Championship organizer and the host town to gather data on the event’s target groups in one place and to use AI-technology for analysis and to create new knowledge about the World Championships target groups in real time during the event days.

With Geztio’s Business Intelligence system, it was possible for the organizer to develop a better visitor and user experience and also adjust parts of the experience with the help of data, directly during the event days. Everyone in the organization had access to the same account through personal logins and through the system’s dashboard, it was possible, for example, to follow sales figures from iTicket that were continuously collected, directly in real time.

The web and app traffic data as well as the guest night statistics for the host town Östersund were also collected in Geztio BI and was analyzed through the system. 

These were some examples of the intelligent BI- systems that were integrated into the solution for the Biathlon World Championships 2019 in Östersund, Sweden.

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