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Traveling, going on holiday and experiencing events and sports are for many associated with life’s highlights. But there are things that are not always so simple once we are in place at the destination or when we are going to follow or participate in our favorite sport. How do you e.g. find out;

  • What there is to experience and do at the destination or during an event
  • How do I follow the stars of sports and where do I get live broadcasts, results and inspiring content gathered in one place?
  • How to buy tickets for the event, sights and transport?
  • Is there a public restroom nearby?
  • How do I book a table at a restaurant without needing 3 different apps?
  • How do I get from A to B?

In destinations around the world, there are also entrepreneurs with rooms to rent out, chairs in a restaurant to fill and products to sell and rent out that will be unsold if they are not sold today. And in the world of sports, participants and stakeholders expect a simple and accessible experience.

Today we live in a paradigm shift where mobile has changed our lives. It is at the center of EVERYTHING. But as a guest at a destination, it suddenly becomes difficult to use or for those interested in sports, a fragmented experience to follow their sport in the flow of different channels.

As a guest, athlete or consumer, you want all offers about the destination, event and sport easily accessible in the mobile – gathered in ONE app.

Geztio was formed in 2015 by the entrepreneur Lars-Börje “Bulan” Eriksson after his time as CEO of Åre Destination AB 2008-2013. The basis was the realization that consumers and entrepreneurs need to find each other in a smoother way.

Through Geztio’s analytics-driven, mobile marketplace, the consumer’s experience can be enhanced by making a range of destinations or organizers easily accessible via mobile. At the same time, companies and organizations can easily and in an appealing way present their products to the guest and to the target group.

The company’s products and services are based on world-leading experience and tourism research by researchers from Mid Sweden University and consist of an analysis platform and an app platform that communicates, advertises and sells destinations, events or sports to the target group.

A successful proof-of-concept has been established. In the spring of 2017, the company launched its MVP on the analysis platform and the app has been successfully used at the Alpine World Championships in Åre 2019, the Biathlon World Championships in Östersund 2019, Ski Tour 2020 and the Medieval Week 2020.

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– Lars-Börje “Bulan” Eriksson

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    About Geztio

    Geztio is a Swedish knowledge company that is changing the conditions for the hospitality industry. We make it possible for tourism companies to make smart decisions and increase their profitability by owning communication with their guest. That data is analyzed in real time and provides access to previously unknown knowledge about their guests. In this way, destinations and companies can continuously and quickly respond to the guest’s needs and develop their services and marketing.

    Geztio’s service is based on world-leading Swedish tourism research. We collect and analyze guest data from our app as well as social media, websites, guest surveys, booking systems and official statistics in a completely new way. We present the results in a unique online service that works on all platforms. On the web, in your mobile or tablet.

    We want to revolutionize the hospitality industry and create profitable destinations and companies. We are convinced that the only way there for the hospitality industry is through increased knowledge of the guest.

    Geztio gives destination companies and tourist companies access to previously unknown knowledge about the guest in real-time. We help companies understand what drives buying behavior and help tear down barriers for the guest to buy and consume more.

    With the help of Geztio, companies can adapt offers and develop services for an improved guest experience, increased profitability and opportunities to involve employees in improvement work.

    We reduce companies’ costs and increase their revenues through better operational and strategic planning and by providing ONE system.

    In this way, Geztio also contributes to creating more satisfied guests and employees, more profitable companies at the destination and local growth in the resort.