Business Intelligence

Do better business with AI

With Geztio’s AI-based analysis platform, we collect all your guest data in one place and present new knowledge to you in clear dashboards that you can access on all your screens whenever you want.

Geztio Business Intelligence

Today, your guest data is fragmented and spread over all the services you use to sell, market, statistics, get feedback and this makes it impossible for you to get an overview of what the guest actually does and thinks.

We enable you to gather all your guest data in one place and use AI to analyze it and create new knowledge about the guest that you can use to develop a better guest experience and do better business by understanding what influences your guests’ behavior better.

  • Geztio BI collects all customer data in one place, from any number of data sources.
  • Sales analysis from all systems in one tool.
  • Tourism / Event specific analyzes give you an overall picture of the customer’s needs and behavior in real time on all screens.
  • You use the analyzes to make decisions about marketing, sales and in dialogues with sponsors and partners.
  • Based on world-leading Swedish tourism research.

Financial reporting

  • Sales reports from an unlimited number of sales systems simultaneously provide real-time sales control.
  • We retrieve data from iTicket’s BI API and show sales reports in Geztio’s BI tools as different types of dashboards that can be tailored to all needs.
  • The information can be viewed on all types of devices, mobiles, tablet, and computers.

App/web tracking

  • The guest’s use of the app and the web’s various pages and functions are displayed in Geztio’s BI tool, where you get a full overview of the customer’s behavior.
  • You can track as many pages and different URLs as you like and get summarized or individual statistics per URL.
  • You can build different dashboards yourself that show the information you need for marketing or product development.
  • The tool is highly customizable and a large number of plug-ins can be implemented to track different types of behaviors and follow the customer’s path in the app.
  • Everything you can do in GA can be done in our tool.

Facebook – Sentiment and topic detection

  • We analyze what the customer says about you and show through machine learning what they are talking about and whether they are positive or negative.
  • Through links, you can quickly react to negative comments or positive ones.

Facebook – Page metrics

  • Keep track of all your Facebook pages at once.
  • Analyze each page separately.
  • Follow in the statistics how you get new and lose customers.
  • Get to know your customers’ demographics, geographical distribution and statistics.

Facebook – Fans analytics

  • Get to know your customers’ demographics, geographical distribution and statistics.
  • How many women do you have who follow you?
  • How many men do you have who follow you?
  • What age groups?
  • Where do your followers come from?

SCB overnight statistics

  • Statistics Sweden’s overnight stay statistics for your municipality give you an idea of ​​how the overnight stays have developed since 2008 and up to today.
  • The guest nights are updated monthly by Geztio via transmission from Statistics Sweden.
  • Hotel nights are also reported at day level and compared with the last 3 years.
  • Key figures such as average prices, occupancy rates, RevPs and arrivals are analyzed and reported both summarized and in detail in the CPI.
  • These official statistics give your other data a stable base to stand on in your analyzes.

Are you interested in taking the next step?

With Geztio’s marketplace platform, the guest receives your offers on the mobile and adapted to their needs based on location, time and AI-driven analysis of your guest data.