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This is Julia

Julia is the CEO of Destination Wonderland

Julia needs to be able to measure, anticipate and understand the needs and behaviour of its residents and guests in order to increase customer satisfaction and provide better service.

Julia has a problem

Julia feels that she does not own the digital relationship with her residents and guests. Without a relationship , Julia cannot know the guest’s needs , which creates uncertainty about what the city will offer for content.

With Geztio, Julia

Found a platform where she Julia can gather all communications and third-party solutions in one app and organise data in Geztio BI


Because if Julia creates clear communication and listens to its residents and guests , trust and loyalty will increase for Wonderland, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Because Julia knows - the guest is always right!

This is John

He is the CEO of the event company “The Folks”

John needs to adapt and simplify the user experience, seek new revenue streams and work with cost-effective marketing and sales channels in real time.


John also needs to be able to measure, predict and understand the behavior of his members, practitioners, visitors, fans and partners in order to increase customer satisfaction and provide better services and offers to The Folks target groups.

John has a problem

John does not feel that he owns the digital relationship with his members, participators, visitors, fans and partners. Without a relationship, he has a hard time knowing the target group’s needs, wishes and interests. 


With Geztio, he gets help

John has found a platform where he can gather the entire sport’s and event’s communication and third-party solutions in one app and organize data about the experience in Geztio BI. 


Geztio creates opportunities on one platform, to collect live broadcasts, results, offers, inspiring communication and insights about its targets groups. With a digital dialogue, trust and loyalty will increase within the target groups, which will lead to higher customer satisfaction, increased revenue and growing business.

Now his target groups can reach everything easily!

This is Sarah

Sarah is an entrepreneur in a smart society

Sarah lives in the country with her husband Sven and daughter Anna 60 km from the nearest town . Sarah organises guided tours and also runs a small farm with her husband who produces goat cheese. Transport is an important issue for the family and the business.

Sarah has a problem

Sarah feels that she does not own the digital relationship with her guests . Without a relationship , Sarah cannot know the guest’s need .

This creates uncertainty about what she and Sven will offer for service and products. For the family, transport is a challenge to get together.

With Geztio, Sarah has

Found a smart platform where Sarah can digitally market her services and gather all communication and third-party solutions in one app and organise and analyse all her business-critical data via Geztio BI.

For Sarah, Geztio creates clear communication and insights about her guests. With a digital dialogue , trust and loyalty will increase for her guided tours, which leads to higher  customer satisfaction  and increased revenue.

In Geztio Apps, the family can also see the bus timetable and buy a ticket, as well as find opportunities for carpooling via a smart service for anticipating and matching travellers’ needs with various transports passing their house.

Contact us for more information on how we can build a smart community where you live!

Detta är Adrian

Adrian är marknadschef för fastighetsbolaget House of Hygge

Adrian behöver kunna mäta, förutse och förstå sina hyresgästers behov och beteende för att kunna öka kundnöjdheten och ge bättre service för sina hyresgäster.

Adrian har ett problem

Adrian känner  att House of Hygge inte äger den digitala relationen med sina hyresgäster. Utan relation kan inte Adrian veta vad hyresgästernas har för behov av service. Detta skapar en osäkerhet vad hyresvärden House of Hygge ska erbjuda för digitala tjänster.

Med Geztio har Adrian

Hittat en plattform där han kan samla hela fastighetsbolaget kommunikation och tredjepartslösningar i en boende-app och organisera hela Fastighetsbolagets data i Geztio BI. 


För Adrian skapar Geztio en möjlighet till en tydligare kommunikation och mer insights om sina hyresgästerna. För med en digital dialog kommer tilliten och lojaliteten öka för hans bolag vilket leder till högre kundnöjdhet och ökade intäkter.

För Adrian vet - att hyresgästen alltid har rätt!

Our Platforms

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With Geztio’s digital marketing platform, participants, visitors and partners during Skitour 2020 received offers and information directly on their mobile phones

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Case - Vm i Skidskytte

Geztio developed and delivered the official app for the World Championships in Biathlon 2019 with the aim of giving the participants, visitors and event partners, a digital experience both on site and at home on the TV couches.

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