Guest knowledge in real-time

Take smarter and more profitable decisions now!

This is Julia

She is the CEO of Destination Wonderland

She makes business decisions regarding product development & marketing activities based on data, not intuition.

Julia uses the cloud based services from Geztio

To analyze and monitor key performance indicators for the whole destination

With Geztio Julia finds out

who´s here, what they think is is good or bad, what is important or not, what motivates them to travel and what attracts them to come to their destination… and much more…

Julia uses Geztio to take both strategic and tactical decisions

Realtime-data in combination with historical data gives Julia a solid ground for decision making and she can react immediately and take necessary actions on a day-to-day basis.

In Destination Wonderland

All stakeholders, have a chance to be involved in problem solving, and collaboration goes smoothly thanks to the new knowledge they all access at the same time about their common customer – the guest.

With Geztio…


Våra Plattformar

Geztio BI

AI-analyser och insamling av kunddatafrån en obegränsad mängd datakällor baserad på världsledande turismforskning.
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Geztio Apps

Ett interface mot kunden för kommunikation, försäljning och marknadsföring samt insamling av beteende data.
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